Dive Packages

Surface Water Experiences


This program provides for activities on the surface of the water throughout the trip (the ocean or a lake).

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Shallow Reef Dives


For certified or non-certified divers! Venture out into the deep blue waters and see all the great marine life.

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Deep Water Wreck


Become a treasure hunter and dive into the blue to discover mysterious shipwrecks and take amazing photos!

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Evening Tours


Evening tours showcase the beautiful nature and include romantic dinners on a yacht or a boat.

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What Our Customers Say

“Great service from this shop. They understand we have a short boating season and time is of the essence when ordering boat parts and supplies. My order was shipped less than one hour after I placed it online. That has to be a record for any retailer.”

Jeff McNab

“Staff are so nice and knowledgeable. It is a small store but they will order in anything they don’t stock and it arrives quickly.”

Linda M.

“Very good service and knowledge. I called about racing bronze, a paint for the bottom of boats. I had no clue how to apply the product. They went step by step with me on how to apply. Prices where good. Very happy with the service.”

Michael Soulliere