From racing to cruising, we have or can get what you need for your next sail. We stock polyster lines from Canadian made Novabraid in popular diameters including 3/16”, ¼, 3/8”, 7/16”, and ½”. We also keep common shackles and single blocks in stock and can order specialty hardware from great brands such as Spinlock, Harken, Lewmar, Schaeffer, and Viadanna.

Dock Lines, Bumpers & Anchors

Whether at the dock or at anchor we have what you need to keep your boat safe and secure. We stock common size dock lines up to ¾” in black and white and can order other colours to match your style. We also stock danforth anchors and nylon anchor lines but can order popular styles including Bruce and Delta from popular brands such as Lewmar and Rocna. If you’re wondering how to best secure your boat, come by and see us!

Stainless Hardware and Wire

The marine environment can wreak havoc on screws, fittings, wire, and electrical components. We carry marine grade stainless screws, fittings, bolts, wire, and electrical components. Using the right components in your repair will ensure you have a reliable fix and enjoy your time out on the water.

Safety Equipment and Life Jackets

Boating can be fun but it can also present some safety challenges. When you’re out on the water you unfortunately don’t have the option of pulling over to the side of the road and waiting for help in all scenarios and help may take significantly longer to arrive. We’re big proponents of safe boating as it makes all of our times more enjoyable on the water. If you’re new to boating or have questions about safe boating we would encourage you to connect with the local Canadian Power Squadron at to register for events or classes. We stock the required safety equipment for most size boats. If your boat is over 40ft long, there may be an item or two we have to order but it will be quick to arrive. We have life jackets from great brands such as Salus Marine Wear, Jobe, and Mustang. We carry a variety of sizes from toddler to 2XL.

Engine Oil and Filters

Whether you’re a sailboat with an Atomic 4 or a Scarab with 502’s, we have your engine oil! We stock popular weights from Mercury Quicksilver, Sierra, and Volvo. As with other items, we keep the most popular filters for engine and fuel on the shelf but then order the others. We order the majority of our oil filters from Mercury who offers overnight delivery on most items with specialty filters taking up to a week.

Epoxy and Polyester

Most boats are built from a version of fiberglass which is a dry cloth material mixed with either a liquid resin and hardener. The structure lasts a long time when properly cared for but occasionally it can deteriorate or be damaged in regular use. If this is happening to your boat, don’t worry, it can be fixed! We stock the West System line of marine grade epoxies and fillers along with gelcoat repair kits from Gel-Cote International and Evercoat. We typically order in fiberglass cloth as needed as it is next day delivery for us. Repair projects such as these typically look daunting and intimidating but most are do-able by a DIY’er with a little patience and preparation. We’ve done a few on our YouTube channel and would be happy to go through yours with you!

Cleaning Supplies

A clean boat is a happy boat! We stock a variety of cleaning supplies to keep your boat shining in that beautiful summer sun. Boats have a variety of unique surfaces and components that differ from cars and homes in terms of care and maintenance so we don’t recommend using car or household products on boats. We stock the supplies you’ll need to clean, care, and protect those surfaces to prolong their life and enjoy your boating season.

Paint and Accessories

A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in making something your own or having it “shine like new”. Boats are no exception to that rule. We carry a variety of paints from top brands such as Interlux, Pettit, Epifanes, and Aquagard. Boat paints are application specific so the paint that goes on the bottom isn’t necessarily the same paint that goes on the top. They also require a bit of prep work to ensure you have a good bond and optimal finish. We keep the most popular paints and accessories in stock but can order in specialty colours and finishes. Not sure where to start? Bring in some photos of your project and we’ll go through it with you step by step.